Esperanto has more than 2+5+5 hours

As we know, it is required to have 2+5+5 hours of lessons New Languages on LingQ

Accordingly to my calculations, Esperanto already has:

2:18:30 audio hours in 119 Beginner lessons
20:16:35 audio hours in 227 Intermediate lessons
10:43:20 audio hours in 117 Advanced lessons

or 33:18:25 total audio hours in 463 lessons.

I hope it is enough to become a completely supported language.


Any plans?

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Sorry for the delayed response, Ress! If that content exists in Esperanto, we will make it a supported language. Thanks for letting us know. It probably won’t change things very much but will put Esperanto in the main languages list.

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That is interesting.

There is probably another thread this is more germane to, but I’ve always wondered about why people sought to learn Esperanto. Aside from being able to meet people through those Esperanto conventions they hold, I never understood it. There are no native speakers, no countries to travel to, and no history, heritage, or culture to access by learning.

If I were to learn a made up language, I would study Klingon.


Well some people just want to find out how a language works.

I don’t get why people do maths and physics and many of my friends find it ridiculous that I’m into languages. The same thing applies here.

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This makes sense: “Well some people just want to find out how a language works.”

I think I just wonder why people don’t want to find out how a real language works. But I guess it’s all part of it.

I read the text. Because the real languages are not logical, not easy, it takes years to learn. Esperanto is a super easy language.The speaker says that it’s a good start to learn a foreign language, especialy for children. They have fun and they want to learn other languages too. It also a cool hobby for adults.

It’s an interesting text. I loved it, Ress! Thanks for, let us know!

Cha-ching! Looks like they added it! Congrats.

Yes, congratulations all you Esperanto keeners, you know who you are…! Esperanto is now live as a supported language. Thanks to all of you who provided the content to meet the requirements. Enjoy!


I have a news very related to this thread. Sorry, I’m just a day late :wink:



Good April Fool’s joke :slight_smile:

“I don’t get why people do maths and physics”

My reason for doing physics is different from most. Many of the people who answered this question say that they loving it because it explains so many phenomena, is so fundamental, is a beautiful and elegant theory, has intriguing concepts and problems, etc. That’s certainly true, and probably it is a major reason why physicists are willing to work so hard when they could earn much more in industry or finance. But just as important is the actual process of doing physics.

Those reasons could have been brought up by someone with a PhD in physics, or someone who just read a few popular science books. I can say that the number one reason for me loving physics is because I love doing physics. Reading textbooks and articles, solving problems, doing calculations, experimenting, etc.

When it comes loving a subject such as physics, you can love it for the results you get from it, or you can love for the process of doing it. Many people read tons of pop science and can cite tons of reasons to love physics for the results you get, but when they start learning the technical, mathematical side of science, they find it boring. And it is; if you haven’t done pages of integrals just to find a little algebra mistake in your first line, you really haven’t done physics.

Honestly, (like most humans) I don’t find learning physics and solving problems as fun as say, having sex or traveling. However, it is still interesting and immensely rewarding; that feeling you get when you solve a hard problem or understand a difficult topic is blissful. Study physics enough and it is possible (not a certainty) that you will derive great pleasure from it. I do, and it is the reason why I do physics.

This seems to be a very interesting channel. Thanks for bringing it up!

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