Esperanto essay about J. Verne

Here is a 2 page article on Jules Verne in Esperanto, which summarizes his place as a novelist, briefly discusses artificial languages and Esperanto in his work, and then discusses a novel set in Venezuela, (where the article was published, I think). Perhaps “Esperantists” on the site will be interested.
It’s in .pdf format.

I’d not really tried to read Esperanto before. What an interesting combination of words and (I can tell less surely) forms and syntax from many languages! All of these would seem to be in the mix: Greek (kaj), Latin and the Romance languages, and Slavic languages (the use of “j” and some words). Is there German? I don’t know any German, so whatever there may be went right by me. There were only a couple of nouns I could not determine the meaning of with assurance, many verb tenses I “cheated” on using context, and some pronouns and other parts of speech became clear when saying them aloud.

FWIW, if I didn’t already have so much to study, Esperanto looks like it would be extremely enjoyable.

. . . I posted this here, as I found no Esperanto forum, although I assumed there was one.

German Wikipedia: “Die meisten Esperanto-Wörter entstammen dem Latein oder romanischen Sprachen wie dem Französischen. Ein ziemlich großer Anteil kommt aber auch aus germanischen Sprachen, vor allem dem Deutschen und Englischen (je nach Sprachkorpus wird dieser Anteil auf fünf bis zwanzig Prozent geschätzt).”

A rough translation: Most of the Esperanto words are based on Latin and Romance languages for example French. A relative big part comes from Germanic languages mainly from German and English (By guess depending on the language corpus it’s 5 to 20 percent).

Veral, Thanks very much! That is quite interesting. I’m learning all sorts of things. For instance, the first book about Esperanto was published in Russian.

I thought I had already replied to your note; let’s hope the other won’t show up, too!

Thanks for sharing, Ernie!

jeff_lindqvist, Varsågod. (It sure took awhile to figure out the “å”! :))