Escape the Midwinter Blues with MORE NEW CONTENT

It’s been another big week in LingQ for us, busily adding new content

Here’s a snapshot of some of the latest additions to our Library:

In Korean we have Heeya Korean (Login - LingQ), a lower-intermediate level podcast shared by one of our content partners. Perfect for those hoping to bridge the gap between beginner and native-level Korena content.

China’s economy is only growing bigger, and more and more learners are looking to get their Chinese ‘business ready’ by learning some terms and reading about the economy. We have a new course (Login - LingQ) by Lindsay, a YouTuber who teaches these concepts to Chinese learners.

Sometimes it’s hard to come by dialogues that feel like they could be real conversations. It’s always a challenge to write beginner-friendly but realistic conversations for language learners. New to our German Library, we have a course aimed at introducing common situations to new learners. It’s called GSEB Level 1, and you can find it at Login - LingQ

And as long as we are discussing beginner material, I should mention Italian Unconvered (Login - LingQ) , a similar course full of common conversations you might overhear at a bar, in the library, in the street… Great for beginners!

And last (but certainly not least!) we have the latest episode of our Spanish Podcast (see it here Login - LingQ). Our Host Martin chats with a polyglot about the strategies successfuly language learners use to learn effectively and quickly.

As always, we have tons of new lessons added each week to all of our languages. Check out the What’s New shelf in your language for a greater selection!



GSEB Level 1
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I removed the . from the url, you can now click it!

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