Errors in French mini-stories

There are many typos in the french mini-stories from 50 onwards.
The “Edit” feature has disappeared.
Please reinstate the feature so the mistakes can be corrected, and the lesson can be completed without adding typos to our vocabulary list.

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As explained in reply to your email, we had to temporary disable the edit functions. Please check my reply for more details.

Will do.

Zoran, I would also like to correct all of the un-split word errors in the new French mini stories. Will the edit powers be returning anytime soon? (Thanks for uploading the remaining French stories!)

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Edit option will be back as soon as we launch the new reader, which will enable editing but will also prevent people to break translation and audio flow when making edits.
I have just fixed few French lessons thanks to @hdemunck and will continue fixing them. I appreciate your help guys!