Errors in English grammar guide

I took a glance at the English grammar guide on Lingq and noticed some errors. For instance, the fourth through sixth examples for the Simple Past tense are not Simple Past:

I ate the banana you are looking for this morning.
We slept in the spare room last night.
The team played icebreaker games before the event started.
She hadn’t thought about how many people would be coming to dinner.
Ritu hasn’t eaten since breakfast.
They haven’t taken the driving test yet.

I did not do a comprehensive review of the entire guide looking for errors, but some of the examples for nouns could be better. For instance, the example sentence using “linguistics” as an example of a noun that is always plural is not phrased in a way that illustrates the point being made.

If one were to do a comprehensive review of this guide, is there a chance of getting it corrected? For the purpose of reference by newcomers to the language this should be as clearly illustrative and correct as possible.

Thanks @Khardy, we will look into that.

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Thanks for letting us know! We will update those examples. Thanks for pointing that out. And, if you were to do a comprehensive review, we would certainly make corrections you identify. If you are interested, contact Zoran at, and he can send you the grammar guide in document form which would probably be easier for you to edit.