Error with importancy asterisks

I really like the feature where asterisks are put next to the words in the dashboard to show how important these words are. I really like knowing if a word is in the top hundred or few hundred most frequent words. I have been noticing, since starting to get back into Russian, that all of the words that I thought were really important seemed to be stuck down at one asterisk. It turns out that I am right, and this is a bug in the website. Check out the following video.

I start by showing a word in the vocabulary page which has four asterisks. When I go to the lesson page, it has only one. I show it again for another word, and then I scroll through some very important Russian words in the lesson and show that they all have only one asterisk. This problem also appears in other languages.

@ColinJohnstone - Is this the case only with capitalized Russian words?

EDIT - Of course, you mentioned it’s the same in other languages. What I mean is: among the Russian words, is this only happening for capitalized ones?

It is for all words, everywhere I go. It is also not related to spatterson’s Greesemonkey script.

@ColinJohnstone - I see now, thanks! I’ve added this to our list!