Error when trying to import a book

I’ve got this message when I try to import a book into LingQ

“There was an error importing this file. Please ensure all digital protection has been removed.”

What’s the problem?

Seems like the ebook you are trying to import is under copyright protection and that’s why you see that error message.

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As Zoran said, it is almost certainly the case that book has copyright protection (digital rights management or DRM) .

This is almost always the case with Kindle books and may be true for some PDFs and other works though it is far less common for Epub or Mobi ebook formats.

IF you own the book, then you might wish to look into using Calibre to import the book and save a copy strictly for you own use (and backup purposes). Calibre requires an add-on to do that for DeDRM by “Apprentice Alf” which is easy to Google and almost as easy to install.

The hardest part is finding the (Kindle) file cache and figuring out which of your files is the one you wish. I use “data and time” to add a book, then find the latest one.

Even if you don’t wish to do that, having the free Calibre around to convert formats (PDF to Epub and back etc.) is a nice addition for any person who reads ebooks extensively.

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