Error opening daily LingQs from notifications

I’m posting this separately because it’s a problem, not a request.
Yesterday’s LingQs turned up 20 hours, 39 minutes ago, at least as far as the notifications go. That’s actually just around midnight, long after I was in bed. The email didn’t turn up until 2.50 AM. But never mind that now.
When I try to review them from the notifications I get an error: Invalid input parameters. and some more text. It’s gone long before I could take a snapshot or simply copy the text to the clipboard. It doesn’t matter whether I want to use flashcards, cloze test or any other mode.
When I open them from the email I get to review Tuesday’s LingQs or todays.
Checking on the vocabs page “Aug 13” is not there.

Hi Deahna,
I am sorry to hear that you have this issue. Does it only happen for August 13th LingQs? Are you able to normally review LingQs from before and after August 13th?

For now it seems to be limited to the 13th. Perhaps you simply don’t do Daily LingQs on the 13th because that number is considered unlucky in many places of the world?!

This time the LingQs from the 22nd tell me: Internal error.[object Object]