Error: No appropriate captions found

getting this error with the lingq chrome extension on imac with several/all videos now - they all have appropriate captions

here the same (;-(

Firefox is ok

Can you post a link to one of videos you tried to import?

yes, "God's Promises About Guidance" with Buddy Owens - YouTube . It does not work with google chrome, just firefox here.

Had this error all day with chrome
update: I get the same error in firefox

Strange, I am on Chrome and I was able to import that video without any problem. Are you still unable to import it? Which device are you using?

It has not fixed itself yet and occurs on all videos I try. I noticed the import tool got an update yesterday…

I was able to use the google chrome extension on the computer yesterday, but I can’t now.
Example: 外國人為什麼這麼喜歡台灣? 七個外國人非常喜歡台灣的原因!【中文+英文字幕】 - YouTube

@sassysocks Strange, that video importing worked just fine on my end too. Tried on both Chrome and Firefix. If you guys are still experiencing this issue, please contact us on support(at) We may need some additional information from you so that our developers can figure it out. Thanks.

Will do

its ok now. Thanks!