Error Message - How do I fix this?

I am trying to add content to this site in order to contribute to the community, but I have ran into a brick wall. Every time I try to submit my first lesson, I get this error message.

  • Field “collection”: Select a valid choice. 721370 is not one of the available choices.

This is very vague and gives me absolutely Zero indication of what is even wrong or how to fix it. I have attached a screen grab of what it looks like. What does it mean? How do I fix it?

It might actually be referring to “Course” on the right hand side. You have (None) selected. Pick and existing course or click the little “+” sign to add a new course.

Unfortunately, I had already tried that, so I got another error message. Despite the fact that I have already created the course (what I am assuming is a series), it tells me that the course already exists. I want this to be chapter 1 of a series, so “course” doesn’t really make sense, but I see nowhere to submit something as part of a series.

When I click the down arrow on Course, nothing shows up, despite the fact that I’ve already created one.

Sounds like you don’t have a course created and you need to select a course in the drop down under the Course button to import it successfully. You can click on the “+” button next to it to create a course right there on the import lesson page and then simple save a lesson into it.

I have same error, could not import mp3 via web due to this error. And no way via app neither .

@zhili What error message exactly are you referring to? Can you please message us on support(at) with more details? Thanks!