Error in spelling checker on the forum

I started the spell checker (English) on the forum. After several seconds I got the following message:

An error was encountered on the server:

Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

Hi @VeraI, I just checked the spell checker in Chrome, Explorer and Firefox, and it works well for me. Maybe it is just a temporary error? Could you please tell us which browser are you using? Please try the spell checker again after refreshing the page to see if that helps.

Thank you. Now it works for me too.

I don’t want receive e-mails connected to forum on lingQ because take too much place on inbox. Toni Loncaric

@tloncar54 - It sounds like you may have subscribed to a forum thread or a specific forum. You can unsubscribe from a thread by unchecking the “Watching Thread” box at the top. I also recommend going to the specific forum (in this case, click “Support Forum” at the top) then untick the “Watching Forum” box at the top of that page.