Error in French lesson 48

Despite being a beginner in French I’m pretty sure I’ve found a mistake in lesson 48 (France).

Elle a dit que je pouvais étudier mes matières favorites en ligne → She said I ought to study my favorite topics online.

This was very confusing to me, because I’d spent a lot of time trying to understand the difference between the conditional and past tense, particularly with pouvoir. To me, pouvais is incorrect here, and should rather be pourrais. Especially considering the translation is expressing a conditional phrase. I’ve asked around and everyone who knows more than me seems to agree.


Indeed there’s a mistake. The translation is : “Elle a dit que je devrais étudier mes matières favorites (préférées) en ligne.”

I ought to = je devrais

Hope that can help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this, we will look into it and fix it.

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