Error in Easy French 30 lesson

there must be a better way to report errors.

e.g., in this lesson, the transcription in the lesson says “because of the world I swim” (de fait du monde je nage) but the video says “because of my young age” (de fait de mon jeune age). Login - LingQ

I’ve only been using it for a few days and I’ve already come across a few things like this. It really undermines the process. How can errors like this be fixed?

so you can report a lesson in the main screen, but you can’t identify a specific sentence.

Thanks, we will look into it.

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way to report things? Thanks Zoran, is this the best

this text box does a thing where it keeps putting my cursor to the start of the box when I hit spacebar and there’s no word ahead of it!? (e.g., in this sentence, I typed “also,” hit space and the cursor went to the start, but then because the “also,” was there, it let me keep typing) also,

for your work on this, it really is a great tool. thanks

We adjusted the text for that sentence. The issue was the incorrect subtitles in the original video, this isn’t anything due to LingQ itself.


Hi, thanks for adjusting that.

I’ve just reported another video. If lingQ uploads something, then it is to do with Lingq and paid users have a reasonable expectation that the text on your language learning website is correct. The video I just flagged had “automatically translated” subtitles and a quick look by a beginner could see there were words the programme had mistranslated - in this case it wasn’t major (“au” instead of “cou” for example) but again, if you’re learning, you need the materials to be right, or you learn the wrong thing or it can be confusing. if you’re saying it isn’t anything to do with LingQ itself does that mean LingQ don’t do any checking to see if the lessons we’re seeing are actually correct French?

Hi. You seem to be have some misconceptions, the ‘Easy French’ course was shared by @OliverGA, there is no indication that Oliver is a LingQ employee, associate or that he acts on behalf of LingQ. By all accounts he seems to be just a regular user, who has, out of the kindness of his heart, shared some content to help fellow learners. Also, you seem to have missed the course description which states that this course is ‘rife with errors’. So, I don’t quite understand why you post about perceived inaccuracies in the forum. Anyways, you could just use the edit sentence function to correct errors if they bother you so much. In fact, @OliverGA even invites you to perform such correction (in the course description).

I’m paying a subscription to LingQ so I don’t think its unreasonable to expect the materials on their website are checked for errors. If it’s a free community website, cool - the community checks. If I’m paying for a service, I don’t think I should also be expected to deliver that service. Also, why is the LingQ website recommending me something that is ‘rife with errors’?

But also obviously there are some misconceptions on my part about what LingQ is and what it isn’t; what I’m paying for and what I’m not. I’ll just have to use it in a more limited way in the future. Thanks.

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Just to expand a little more, LingQ provides and curates only a small number of courses themselves, those are supposed to be representative and correct. E.g. the mini stories, Beginner 101, Who is She, LingQ Podcast etc. I agree, these courses should conform to certain standards in terms of correctness and technical quality.
But the reality is also, that the bulk of the material in the libraries is actually provided by volunteers, who are, like you, paying customers. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect a random user to provide professional level content for free. Also consider that the majority are learners themselves, so they may not even be in a position to correct the transcripts.
Although I agree that YouTube’s auto-generated subtitles are not a good fit for the LingQ library, those are normally quite quite bad. Maybe LingQ can provide better guidelines to prevent such content from cropping up in the future.

To the best of my knowledge free (non-paying) users can access the library and all its courses without restrictions. So, you must be paying for something else.

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