Error Importing Instagram Post

I tried to important an Instagram post (using the app and Quick Imports on my IPhone), but when I opened the lesson, it was only the image and the hashtags. None of the actual text content from the post was in the lesson. Moreover, I’m not interested in studying the hashtags and couldn’t find a way to edit the lesson from the app.

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Sorry to hear that! Were you able to import from Instagram before? I am not sure if that ever worked properly, but I’ll check with our iOS developer and will let you know when I hear back from them.

Yes, please let me know! I know that Instagram is sometimes a low text platform, but there are some people you can follow who actually write very long-winded posts and would like to follow them and understand their posts.



I also want to import instagram posts to learn from them. Unfortunately it was also not working for me. Even on desktop it didn’t work.
But I found a workaround for iOS:

  1. Open the post in browser (because in the app you’re not able to select text
  2. In the browser just select the text you want to import
  3. In this popup with the cut, copy etc. buttons look for the share button
  4. In the share sheet you should be able to select LingQ and import the text :tada:

Yeah thats true! I never thought about that. Thats a great idea.