Error : hours of listening

I put 36 minutes of listening into the hours slot. I did it twice. 0_0 How do I fix this? (Boy am I sleepy!) @_@

Could you simply put in minus hours, twice (-36) (-36)???

The other alternative is to really listen 36 hours :slight_smile:


SanneT is right in this, you can simply enter a negative number to cancel out any statistics that you add. Though Oscar’s “solution” will undoubtedly do you the most good :wink:

Wow! Thanks everybody! I think I like your suggestion, Oscar, but it is an awfully big debt to pay. Sanne, that’s 36 hours I have to soak up–twice! Alex, I owe myself 72 hours of French audio…hmm…hmm (thinking…thinking…think…)

Ok! I’ll leave that button alone. Fall break starts tomorrow, so I’ll get busy on my personal French audio challenge. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just checked my stats and it turns out I only hit 36m 1x in the hour slot. I guess I was really out of it at 1:57am in the morning. But the challenge stands. Have an awesome day folks. :slight_smile: