Error clicking “a” during lesson studying

This is easier to explain with the screenshot.

This error is quite annoying actually.

When the lesson is set in 1 sentence.

If in that situation I want to enter something in the dictionary, each time I click “a” the audio starts.

So I have to pause the audio and start writing again but if there is another “a” in the text, the audio restarts again.

It’s the audio from the single sentences that it’s triggered by the “a”. The one marked with the red arrow.

Using iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, Safari.

Thanks for reporting it.
A in the keyboard is shortcut to Play Sentence audio and that’s why it triggers it to play. I guess we should find a way to not play it when typing translations.
We’ll look into it.

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Ok, that’s why. It triggers all the time when typing. I hope you can soon fix it, thanks.