Error 404. Links to examples phrases from flashcards

Links to examples phrases from flashcards don’t work.

When I do click on “Examples” (javascript:LQ.show_examples()) in right column links to phrases from lesson appear. But all this links is broken - ERROR 404.

Examples of broken links.

Which lessons are these? I have no trouble going to examples.

It’s - Login - LingQ and few others.

P.S. Links don’t work when i click them from flashcard edit window only.

Strange, it worked for me from flash card window as well. Your link to the lesson does not work either. Can you tell me the lesson and collection? Which browser are you using?

I use Mozilla Firefox browser. For example. I open lesson Login - LingQ then i click on world “margin” on right column with flashcards links.

I click “Examples” for finding examples phrases for word “margin”. The second results of search list is “[»] available by quite a margin, Steve: …and our learners …” . When i click on “[»]” i go to the url as Login - LingQ and have “HTTP - 404 Page Not Found”.

URL from the first result of search “[»] a three-to-one margin-because they were much …” work fine!

May be site database contain old entry, I mean links to the lessons which have been removed and no longer exist?

P.S. I hope you understand what I say. I start learn English only three month ago!:slight_smile:

You will have to give me the name of the lesson and collection since your links to not work for me.

Name of the lesson is “The Passion of the Entrepreneur”. My link not work, because you system posted auto formatted text and added unnecessary space into url. If you delete spaces manually all will be O.K.

No Stanislav, I removed the blank and still could not connect.

I went to this item, turned on flash cards, went to edit in one of the flash cards, (the word “different”) and clicked on examples and up came lots of examples.

Is anyone else having the problem.

Since your links to the lessons do not seem to work it may be an isolated problem with your set up.

The Best way to see problem in action, login in the system with my login and password. Could you do it or it’s impossible?

I do not have access to your password. Let’s first wait to hear if anyone else has the problem.

O.K. Thank you!