Entry & editing LingQs more conveniently (j'aime LingQ à la folie)

J’adore encore LingQ.

  1. How can we get directly to editing a definition directly without first consulting a dictionary? (Can you please add this).

  2. How to add “[French] Wiktionary” to the dictionary list?

  3. Can we directly edit not just the definition but also the words we are capturing?

  4. Trouble selecting across line boundaries. Dragging the mouse isn’t working (today?) in the Web version, and holding shift while clicking isn’t either.
    Also this could be mitigated by having direct entry of words and phrases along with direct entry of definitions. (#3 & #4 above.)

  5. Android version (and maybe web): Can we select a phrase that crosses a “page” boundary? (Again, #2 and #3 would mitigate this.)


  1. Many times we know a good definition but still wish to capture the word etc. Having to go through extra steps of chasing directary entries (and popups) is distracting.

  2. Wiktionary is a great resource for many languages, especially French in French. Also Wikipedia itself might be nice.

  3. Many times, especially with inflected words, we need to change to the “dictionary form” of a word to Lingq it. Removing verb conjugations, declensions, plurals, and other inflections would be a great help. Presumably we could (at least) export a list, edit the list, and import that list back but that is a lot of trouble for something that might be directly accessible.

I am truly in love with Lingq so this is all intended to be received…

Avec Amour,

On the web, you can go directly to the input field by using the keyboard shortcut “h”. “e” will edit the currently active popular translation. On the mobile app, checking a dictionary is the only way to go directly to an input field but you can ignore the dictionary of course and just input your meaning.
Wiktionary should be in the list of available dictionaries. Just click to Add/Manage dictionaries from the blue or yellow panel to see the full list.
You can’t edit the selected word but you can open the Vocabulary section in another tab and import the root form as you go. The root form of verbs should be automatically shown in a tag which is clickable to show the full conjugation.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you. It helps a lot, so I really appreciate it.

I really need to memorize ALL of the keyboard shortcuts even though they are pretty bizarre and incomplete and the selection algorithms are a bit dodgy but this is a great system overall.

The ability to import (almost) everything is fantastic.

Thanks again.