Entire transcripts for all seasons of LOST (TV Show) found! for free!


For those of you who don’t know what “Lost” is, it is a popular TV show in anglophone countries (USA, England, Australia, etc) that follows survivors of flight 815 that crashed on a mysterious island.

The entire transcript (I’ve only found them in english… but there may be versions in Deutsch English Español Français Italiano Japanese Nederlands Polski Português Russian Zhongwen) is availalbe at this site

If you wish to use this to learn English, it would be easy to get the audio (along with the video) for free or at a reasonable price as a DVD box set at your local video store. The episodes are also freely available from the NBC website.

you could then import the content (for personal use) into LingQ as long as it is kept private, I assume.

I’ve been sifting through the French section of the lostpedia website. There is a LOT of information in French and a detailed overview of the story. I have yet to find french transcripts, but if anyone can find this and direct me to a link it would be much appreciated. I will continue looking after posting this message and if I find any more relevant links to transcripts I’ll post them up.

The LOST transcript catalogue comprises:

  • 4 Seasons of (23+ episodes each season, except for season 4 which is half way through a season)
  • Deleted / extra scenes in DVD inclusions are also transcripted
  • Almost 100 official podcasts, all transcripted.

In total there is probably around 250 transcripts in total. Lost can use some pretty sophisticated language, and due to the storyline / plots spanning not just the island, but via flashbacks to people’s everyday lives, the reference material and vocabulary are very broad and cover a diverse range of subjects and settings. I have no data to back it up but I’d say just judging by the sheer size of the transcript library there would be at least a couple hundred thousand words of dialogue spread over (i’m guessing) a vocabulary of anywhere from 15,000-25,000 words.

I know that english content is abundant but this is something extra that you can get pretty much for free.


… while i’m on a roll…

just found the entire up-to-date transcripts for Battlestar Galactica (Sci-fi.com) you can download full episodes directly from sci-fi.com as well

verbatim, apparently.

sorry for posting this on 3 separate messages, but


this appears to be a treasure trove. hundreds of mainstream tv shows are on here, scripted and freely downloadable.

english only (but i’m still searching for french/others).

Wow! Awesome, Roy. I wish I needed to learn English.

For the fans of series and films, there are subtitles available in 50(?) different languages on

Even for the latest series!

Thanks Roy, I agree, it’s a treasure trove!!
Yes, Mark, we English learners are very lucky. I’m getting a little crazy with so many interesting options… rsss…

Thank you Roy,
I’ve never watched the LOST episodes on DVD yet, because everyone says you can’t stop watching the next episode.
I enjoyed The OC, 24, friends on DVD and sometimes checked some of the transcripts on twiztv.com.
As a English learner, I’m happy to live in the Internet age!

Internet age is great :slight_smile: - and Bjoern thanks for the link. I’ve found a few french scripts on there. Will keep searching later on today when I get a chance.

This is the motherlode for all you English learners out there.

In response to different people’s question, the term is ‘mother lode’, written separately.

I wish I could find some of these things with French and German dubbing, but alas never in Polish 'cause no one like dubbing over there :(…