Entertain Yourself With Some Fun LingQ Courses

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to have some fun. This week, we are highlighting some new content we’ve found in the Entertainment shelf. Enjoy!

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English: Simone spends her time creating robots that are so absurdly useless, you wouldn’t even believe it. She’s made drones for cutting hair and even a helmet toothbrush helmet. You might wonder if there’s an easier way for her to pass the time, but she actually thinks her creations are pretty clever.
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(Intermediate 2)

German: Minecraft is a game that provides players with a lot of freedom to explore and build. What if one of the LingQ’s users has recorded herself playing Minecraft to help enhance your comprehension skills?
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(Intermediate 1)

Catalan: Tongue twisters can be quite perplexing, but they often come with a good joke. Here’s one of that has been deciphered by Couch Polyglot.
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(Beginner 2)