Entering hints in German

Please LingQers, help me. I have a friend who would like to use LingQ to learn English. He wants to enter lingqs in German. Please can I have some of your suggestions.


Auf der Profil-Seite findest Du folgende Einträge:
Sprache der Benutzeroberfläche *
Wörterbuchsprache *
Muttersprache *

Dein Freund kann,( bei der “Wörterbuchsprache”), Deutsch einsetzen.


@rae68 - I’m not sure what your question is. As jolanda says, he just needs to set his native language, interface language and dictionary language as German and start creating LingQs. Or, are you looking for other suggestions like what to study or which dictionary to use?

Perhaps you mean entering German translations for the unknown words? If that’s the case, click on the + sign, choose German in the pull-down and write your translation, then enter to save it.