Entering conversation times in the calendar

Have you changed the default view for classes in the calendar? Whenever I try to schedule conversation hours in the calendar I have to switch to 1 on 1, because the group classes are selected by default; this was not like this some time ago.

@mfr - Yes, we have switched the default tab. There don’t seem to be enough Group conversations being created across all languages. We are trying to see whether this might encourage more group conversations.

Thanks for the info, Mark. I’ve never tried it myself. Will do, one of these days.

Unfortunately, the number of people who study Italian and are willing to pay for conversations is so low that it doesn’t make sense for me to offer group conversations. I haven’t even hold one Italian conversation in the last 2-3 months. So, I will not be able to follow your encouragement.

I have added new conversation slots and I daresay I find it rather annoying to always have to switch from the Group to the 1-on-1 tab. But of course, that’s just my personal preference. Let’s see if you can get more tutors to offer group conversations, otherwise it may be a good idea to move back to 1-on-1 as default.