Enhanced LingQ Widget, Click on Yellow LingQs

Many of you will have noticed that we have improved the LingQ Widget functionality on the Lesson page in our latest update. Here is a quick rundown of the improvements:

New User Hints link which shows a list of all previous user hints for that term listed in order of popularity. This allows you to still choose a user hint even if you initially click on “New Hint”. Also, you can now see the full list of hints and choose a different one instantly. Click on one of these User Hints to add it to your LingQ or replace your current hint.

Now when you look at the Examples list in the LingQ Widget and click on an example, it will replace the current example in your LingQ.

You can now change the LingQ’s Status with one click using the same level status indicator as on the flashcards or cloze tests.

Yellow LingQs and Status 4 grey underlined LingQs now open by clicking on the term instead of by hovering. Click again on the term to close the LingQ.

We hope these changes make LingQing easier and the whole LingQing process more easy to use. As usual let us know what you think!