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English Groups on whatsapp⤵
Please observe the rules, to have a safe environment together.
Here you go, u just need to follow this link and attention if the link revoked message me in telegram just search my ID:edris_b
Follow below link

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Join English group
Follow the rules
If it was full then join here

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English union : Telegram: Contact @english_union
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Telegram: Join Group Chat

French language group
If you are interested to learn french join us
Otherwise please avoid to join
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  • Notice this
  • If the links revoked
  • Message on telegram My ID : EDRIS_B :+1:

As I would like to join the whatsapp group for better communication and try what I learned from https://eduzaurus.com/essay-writing-services so its good to implement regularly that what you want to learn or achieve in life though

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