English Tutor

Hello, I can help tutor someone if anyone needs help learning english. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I do not have skype but you can talk to me on here. :slight_smile:


I need your help, I don’t know English very much if you like please help me I need for my school.

hi, simone
hope you are great. i need your help to learn and English Language. please help me

“Sadly, I do not have skype but you can talk to me on here. :)”

Why don’t you download and install it? It’s free and it will let you host conversations and earn points. :slight_smile:

Okay, That’s a good thing. Can you little explain how will you teach English online ?

Hi Everyone,

Are you having fun? Surely, we are all having fun improving our fluency in some language and helping others to do likewise.

This forum is titled “English Tutor” and it looks like it is being used not only by tutors of English but by people seeking tutors of English. I hope what I am writing is appropriate for this forum.

My name is Nia. I was born and raised in the USA and now I teach English at a university in Mexico. Recently I have begun to reactivate my French using LingQ and other resources. During Semana Santa I learned the hiragana with a little book by James Heisig. It was really fun!

I am available to read and correct your English writing. My busiest days are Wednesdays and Fridays but I have a lot of free time other days. I can read your text quickly and let you know immediately approximately how long it will take me to correct it and complete the report.

Take care! Get in touch with me if you think I can help! :slight_smile: