English Tutor


I am a native English speaker and interested in doing some online tutoring, of course just because I speak English doesn’t mean I know how to teach it lol. However anyone willing to practice their English via Skype with a native English speaker can contact me at my Skype handle ‘sypadx’ . I am fairly new to this and before I go running my mouth about charging people, I think it’s only right to start out by testing the waters with FREE conversations with anyone who is willing. We can chat about local or global events as well as just have general conversations. I can correct your grammar as well as give you tips about commonly used expressions that may not make much sense to non native English speakers. As I said this is only a trial run so at least you can try chatting with me and we can both get a feel for whether this is something for me or you. Either way I look forward to meeting some new and interesting people and best of wishes to everyone!