English Tutor Available 24/7 (Native of USA, CLEAR Standard American Accent and Usage)

I was born and raised in the USA

Are you looking for a conversation partner, someone to help you improve your level of English? Maybe I can help. I was born and raised in the USA. I have over eight years of experience teaching English. I am available 24/7. It is best to make appointments in advance if possible.

For the past two and a half years, I have worked as an English language teacher at a university here, in Mexico. I would love to work online. I want to help people who already have an intermediate or advanced level of English. I prefer one-on-one conversations of 30 minutes. What about you? What do you prefer?

Of course, you will receive a complete report shortly after our conversation session. If you like, I can also give you oral feedback towards the end of our conversation. That’s up to you. On the day of our conversation appointment, feel free to call me 5 minutes early so that we get started on time. I encourage you to come to our session with a specific topic (or topics) that you would like to talk about. However, that is not required. It is an option that I am offering you. Also, if there is some weakness or confusion that you are having please share those concerns with me so that I can give you more support and clarification in those areas.

Make sure to schedule your appointment at least two days in advance. Check my profile for instructions if you are not sure how to schedule an appointment using the LingQ platform.

One more thing, I am also available for proof-reading written texts. I have done this free of charge in the past but can no longer afford to do that.


Hi from Athens!! Thank you for your availability but at this time i’m not sure about the time that we can do something for a real online conversation. Of course i want to do it but now i haven’t any time. I think with your passion to teaching people you’ll find many persons for your class. I wish you the best.

Hi pafsilipo from Athens!

Thank you for your response! I appreciate it!

I just came back from visiting your blog. It is very lively and colorful. I will check out the flags and the revolving globe to see if I can include one or both of those additions on one of my blogs.

Yesterday I discovered that the reason that my Skype video calls are dropped is because my bandwidth inadequate. If you ever need to test yours http://www.bandwidthplace.com/ and http://testmy.net/ both work pretty well. I discovered that my download speeds are very slow (and very variable!) and that I am actually getting less than 50% of what I am paying for! lol.

Until I can get this service corrected I can only do Skype voice to voice calls. Any time you have time for a “real” conversation just schedule something through LingQ. We are on different sides of the world but I will adjust my sleeping schedule. No problem.

Oh, one more thing, for people who enjoy drinking wine, I think that is a wonderful way to relax and I really think relaxation is useful when one wants have better fluency. With your love of wine and music I bet you are a very fluent English speaker! :slight_smile:

All the best.

Nia. :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for your effort to do a conversation in real time with me just from the opposite of the world. The problem is not the differences of hours because we can do it just early in the morning you and early at night me.The problem is that, i’m a waiter and as a waiter only i’m listening and nothing else. Only if i’m obliged to serve a wine i’ll speak about it. I’m not so good to conversation with the others. that’s all. Cheers!!

Hi pafsilipo,

Thank you. I understand. I just went to YouTube. I searched for “describing wine:” I fond hundreds of videos in which people were talking about wine, describing wine in English. What I thought was interesting was that although everyone was speaking English there was such a variety of accents and sub-topics within this broad search, “describing wine.”

As a professional waiter, I imagine that you encounter people from all over the world. Sometimes, I imagine that you have guests who do not speak Greek. With such guest I suppose you often speak English. Of course in the context of your work having lengthy conversations with your guests is not necessary and may not be appropriate.

Since you are already interfacing with guest in English when necessary, I suppose you already have what you need to continue to do a wonderful job at that. :slight_smile: That’s wonderful. You might enjoy watching videos on YouTube. It may help expand your comprehension of various accents. at the very least it is sure to be interesting and familiar to you since the topic is so much a part of your professional, and perhaps personal, life.

Here are just three examples of what I found:

Thanks for writing. Have an enjoyable weekend!

Nia. : )

Go to my youtube page pafsilipoclub or Δημήτρης Διρχαλίδης and you’ll see.

Hi pafsilipo,

Would you mind posting the URL here?

I would love to visit your YT page. :slight_smile:

I visited your blog and was delighted!


Nia. :slight_smile:

Nia is a very wonderful tutor!
Nia, thanks a lot for your time!!

Hi. I want to improve my english. Can you help me?

Hi, Anna103. Yes, I can probably help you. Let’s get started. The next step is for you to make an appointment with me through the LingQ platform.

To make an appointment:

(1) Click “Exchange”, then click “Find a Tutor” from the dropdown menu.

(2) Make sure the language selected in the top left AND in the side bar is “English.”

(3) Type my user name “TeacherNia” in the top field on the right-hand side of the page.

(4) Look for these three tabs:: Exchange, Lesson, Conversation. Click on the CoNversation tab.

(5) Complete the form with the date, the start time (your date, your time), and indicate the duration of the desired conversation. Please book appointments at least 24 hours in advance.