English tutor as well!

Hi! This is Laura again, actually, i’m living in Canada now, so I can Tutor English too!
If you want to practic English as well, then don’t hesitate to join !
I can help you out for having conversation!
Let’s do it! I hope I can help you them to learn English~

thank you so much,u r a nice person,i hope you could help me,laura:)

Hi! This is Laura again! I’m soooo glad help chineese because I have a lot of chineese friedns in here!!
Also, I’m tutoring them in my school. So I can help you a loooot!!
So, can we make time? Can I know your skype ID?

I want to have conversation too. I livein Russia. My skype is dr_rmv.

Sure! I can help you out! I just updated my calendar, and you can select one of the days, and find the most appropriate time, so we can have our first conversation! sounds good?
So, plz make an appoinment on there, I will add your skype ! I hope see you soon!

Hi I want to have conversation too. I am a chinese girl. I want to improve my english. But I just know basic english. I hope you can help me.
Thank you so much.

It’s okay! I can help you a lot. Don’t worry about your English. So can I know your skype ID?

yes of course, my skype ID"katherinezyj. thank you

glad to have a conversation with you.
Skype ID: yang.hu3

Thank you : ) I added your ID

Hello Laura:) Maybe you help me in my training process. My english not very good, practically basic, but I think conversation with people will do my english better.
I hope you we will be friends:)

thanks in advance:)

Hi Laura :wink: “volwgan” my skype name. I would also like to talk with you,practice English. thanks for adding me.

Hello Laura, I’m trying to improve my english through converstations, can you help me ? if so , my skype name is wesley,skype. bye!

i am hoang . my english is not good . i realy want to have a converstation with native people .
my skype : phamthehoang1991

Hello, Laura,could I take an English conversation with you by Skype? I also want to practise my English communication skill.
my skype name is “starstarinsky” hope we could be freinds. Thanks!