English translations in the lessons

As going through the lesson I would have found it useful sometimes to have an English translation available. I am relatively new, so mayt found it yet. Is it somewhere there hiding?

Translations exist for some of the content, otherwise you may try google translate.

Within a few days we will be showing the translations, where they exits, right in the Lessons Page, so stayed tuned.

I think it would be really extremely useful if the translations are interlinear (i think thats the right word). Even if the translations are from google translate, it translates into a sort of broken english but the meaning is usually clear.

El idioma español o castellano es una lengua romance del grupo ibérico. Es uno
Spanish or Castilian is an Iberian Romance language group. It is one

de los seis idiomas oficiales de la ONU y, tras el chino mandarín, es la lengua
of the six official languages of the UN and, after Mandarin Chinese is the tongue.

hablada del mundo por el número de hablantes que la tienen como lengua
most spoken in the world for the number of speakers who have it as their mother


The first step is to implement the new expanded Lessons Page, and there are still a few issues to be resolved. Then we can decide what kind of translations we want.