English Translations for "Who is She"

The English translations for the “Who is She?” are not very accurate, it’s very obvious that the translation was lifted from another version of “Who is She?”, which is making it a bit tough for me to learn. I usually don’t look at the English translations for lessons, but because I was having a bit of trouble with part 3, I started looking at the translation and it has me really confused due to inaccuracy. For a simple example “네 그런 듯 해요.” is translated to “Yes.”

I don’t mean this as a complaint. (I love LingQ and just purchased a 12 month subscription!) It would just be helpful for language learners to have an updated translation. I know you guys are busy and that Korean is not a priority language, but I thought you should be aware.

The translations are meant as rough guides. Who is She exists in many languages on our site. I am sorry if there are inaccuracies. Just rely on your dictionary and your best guess. Things are always a bit foggy at the beginning. In a while things will be clearer. I never expect to fully understand texts at the beginning stage of learning a language. It is more important to just move on, in my view.

However, if you are confused, you can ask on the forum for an explanation and someone will explain a phrase that causes you trouble, I hope.

I am glad you like LingQ.

Thanks for pointing this out. I see that the translation into Korean deviates a good amount from the English in some places. As Steve mentions, it is intended to be a rough guide, but if I find some time I’ll go through the English translation and touch it up so it’s more in line with what the Korean says :slight_smile: