English speaker in need of French Conversation Tutor

I am looking for a french tutor that would be available over the next several days, as I have an interview next week and would like to practice french conversational skills. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I’m not english native speaker, but writing here 'cause I don’t want to start “new” topic all the time.
I would like to improve my french skills! My level is beginner, but last vacation I’ve spent in France so I understand quite a lot but still have problems with speaking ;/

sorry I’ve just come across your post, unfortunately a bit too late. I would have liked to help you and if you’re still interested, juet let me know what time and what day you are available.

Haven’t you taken a look at the time slots put on the speaking page? have you specific days or time slots for you to speak?

hi serge. would you happen to have a couple minutes today in the next four hours?

Actually I was proposing to you to reserved one-on-one conversations among those I set on the french speaking page. Given I not only host French conversations at lingQ - I’m also studying English and German - I always work to a tight schedule so that I can’t dedicate extra time to unplanned discussions. There are plenty of time slots set by other french tutors, and I assume you’ll find something convenient for you.