English pronunciation practice (poem)

Interesting webpage:

There is a poem with tricky words in English. It may help to be more aware of better pronunciation in English.

Uffff…that’s hardcore.

Well, it can be “hardcore”, but it’s good to know it in order to practice :slight_smile:

I love this!! A friend of mine posted it on Facebook yesterday. It’s very tricky, but it’s fun because you know when the words should rhyme, so even if you don’t know the pronunciation of a word, you can work it out. I reckon most native English speakers wouldn’t get them all right the first time. It’s all dependent on the context, whether you already know the word or not, the spelling (which of course is used to deceive you in this poem), and then the rhyming factor. FUN! What do you think? Maybe I should record it and put it on Lingq?? May take some practise though!!

Wow, just read it once through and my mouth is sore! Longest tongue twister ever!