English Pronunciation Help?

The link was messed up, sorry.

Your link seems to be full of spam.Just post your audio file on your wall and share it, asking for comments.

Oh really? I’m sorry, I’ll try to do that, thank you.

Perhaps you could edit your first post and remove the link. Thanks.

Adlai, here’s a suggestion to make it easier for people to listen to your recordings: if you don’t have one already, get yourself a youtube account. It’s free and very easy to upload files. You can make a video with your audio file and the text you’re reading (or a transcription of what you’re saying) so people can stream it without having to download anything. If you want others to volunteer their time to help you, you need to make it as quick and as easy as possible.

Elric, I am not sure this is necessary just for LingQ. Adlai can upload the text and the audio to his wall.

I didn’t even know that was possible. :slight_smile:
Still a YT account is useful if he wants to share it outside LingQ.

Agreed Elric, and if we create videos at youtube we can also post them on our walls, like a living record of our progress. Eventually I would like to expand the wall to enable us to extract the best audio, video, text files and keep them in a personal portfolio for each language. But we have limited resources, lots to do, and even more ideas, so these things will all take time.