English Phonetic Alphabets

I have myself devised a set of phonetic English alphabets for English language which consists of 34 alphabets with 25 consonants and 9 vowels. It is not completely flawless, though (problems with homophones and vowel sounds) then too it can be used. I made it because I saw how ridiculous English spellings are and how learners have so much difficulties regarding this. I wanted to know how to increase its popularity.

Here is the above text in my alphabets:
Ay häv maysèlf divaysd u sét öf fönetik alfabets för Ingliś läñgóej wić kunsists öf 34 alfabets wix 25 cönsonunts änd 9 vöwels. It is nöt cumplitli flöles, ðo (pröblums wix homofons änd vöwel saunds) ðèn tóó, it kän bi yósd. Ay med it bikös ay sä huv ridikyulus Iñgliś spèlliñs ar änd huv lurnurs häv so muć difikulti rigardiñg ðis. Ay wönted tó nov huv kän ay inkris its pöpyóläriti.

Please feel free to share your opinions.

A proud Indian,

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Have you heard of Judy Thompson’s Color Vowel Chart?


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Have you ever looked into IPA? International Phonetic Alphabet. Meant to be able to express all the sounds of human language.

I read one book on it. I wrote about it a little on my blog. North Wind and the Sun – IPA Korean | Hanguk Babble

It seems that IPA wants to be adopted everywhere, but that Americans tend not to use it in their dictionaries. As a programmer, I like having a language that I could use to, for example, rhyme Korean and English words. The IPA representation of a word will be the same no matter which language if they sound the same.

The caution is they say learning IPA is almost as difficult as learning another language.

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Learning the IPA symbols is not that hard, but understanding the phonetics behind the IPA will take some study. Learning a symbol for a sound doesn’t mean much if you don’t understand the phonetics behind it.

I think for anyone serious about language study, doing a basic course in phonetics is a good idea. Not necessary, of course, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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I think that using the IPA symbols with young learners wouldn’t be the best approach, I suppose that’s why Judy Thompson developed a different method.
I agree IPA symbols should be included in dictionaries.

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@mfr. Thanks for the post about Judy Thompson and her color system. I downloaded the Sound Dictionary app.

@bortrun Can you point me towards some place to take a phonetics course? Rhetoric was my favorite class in college, but I never considered taking linguistics or phonetics, clearly an oversight on the part of 20 year old me. 50 year old me needs to rectify that.

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I really love phonetics and I have a good knowledge about it, though I never learnt the symbols. But nowadays, I am more interested in syntax and morphology of languages. But linguistics is so fascinating for me.

By the way, thank you very much for the colour-vowel chart.

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