English- or Spanish-speaking pen pal for a German teenager

Hi, I have a German friend, whose daughter (13 1/2) would like a pen pal of about her age. She would like to speak and write with native English and Spanish speakers who want to learn German. Does anybody know someone who fits that bill? Thanks very much. Harris

Hi Harris, My Daughter meets a bit of what you ask for. She wan’ts to learn German, but she likely won’t “Pen Pall” unless it is short quick texts like how kids do on messanger or whatsapp… but to sit down and “write a letter” that I know she won’t do. Would you like me to ask her?

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Hi, thanks for responding. I’ve let my German friend that there is another possibility out there for her daughter. I found her a pen pal from a local high school, and they started corresponding, but I haven’t heard how it’s going lately. Everything seems to stop during the Christmas holidays. We’re going to be out of town, but if I hear back, I’ll let you know. The point of having somebody her age is to give them a chance to communicate as young people do these days, not as you and I might have done. Anyway, since I’m nearing 70, it’s definitely a different world.
Best, Harris

So I spoke with her and she is willing to “text”… I did forget to ask about Speaking. But I am sure she would be more willing to do that then “writing a letter”. She is 15, and will be 16 in June. Let me know if that fits your friend’s bill.

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Miranda, my friend’s daughter, would indeed like to exchange emails. I don’t have her email yet, and we’re still on vacation in LA. Would you be comfortable sending your daughter’s email address? I don’t know how to make this a private conversation.