English Language Level Test

Hello everybody,

I’m a new member of Lingq web site, and I’m still concentrating on learning of possibilities of it.
I would appreciate if anyone could help me.
I can’t determine my knowledge of language. I don’t know which lessons I should take, because I don’t know what difficulty suits me.
Do you know anything that would help me with this issue? Some tests, perhaps?
P.S. I took a lesson which was a beginner 2, and I knew all words, and understood it perfectly.

Hi Ninche,

First off, welcome to the site.

Regarding finding your level, it’s a pretty simple process. If Beginner 2 is too easy, then move up to Intermediate 1. If that’s too easy then go to Intermediate 2. :wink: You will soon find the level that is most closely related to your level in the language.

To judge by your writing, I would start at Intermediate 1 and move forward from there as Alex suggests.