English-Italian language exchange


I am Daniel and my mother tongue is Italian. I am looking for English native speakers who are interested in English-Italian language-exchange mostly on Skype. Let me know or just leave me a message if you’re interested on this activity.


I’m italian like you,I speak to you in English because this forum is in English.I’d recommend you one site,that can help you out in this regard.The site is full of people looking for a language exchange like you.Even I want to improve my english by this site.http://www.conversationexchange.com/


I already know this website. It’s very good and I found a lot of interesting people there. Anyway thank you very much for your advice. It’s really important to get in contact with native speakers if you want to improve your English skills! Another interesting website I know is called Livemocha.com. Here you can practise with a lot of exercises and drills and at the same time you may know native speakers from around the world!

Good luck with your studies!


Good luck to you too!I adviced this site because it’s easy staying in contact with people having your same goal!There are even other sites that offers a service like this:http://polyglotclub.com/index/translate-italian,http://www.mylanguageexchange.com/,http://www.sharedtalk.com/,http://www.palabea.com/it.I don’t know if you’ve already met those ones on the web.I’m very skeptical about Livemocha or Busu,I’ve tried it and I consider them as boring and ineffective site,I think that they might be good for one which learn a language very similar to its own one.Obvoiusly it can depends always on what is your personal purpose.This is just my thought in this regard.I’m glad that you found this site(Livemocha) helpful.I hope I help you out!:wink:

Hi ,
Thank you all for the links to various language exchange sites.

I this one http://www.languageforexchange.com/
You can find a language partner from another country who wants to do a language exchange travel with you.