English in 10 Minutes: a new English conversation podcast in the LingQ library

Hi everyone,

I have been studying Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of French (and Latin!) on LingQ for a few years now. You may have seen me contributing in the forums before.

I have decided to create an English conversation podcast, focusing on people, places and their stories. The conversations are at native-level speed and are intended for intermediate and advanced learners. I have marked the episodes as Intermediate 2 but I think they can help all learners from Intermediate 1 to Advanced 2.

I have released three episodes to begin with and I will add a new episode each week. For now, I am sharing the episodes in the LingQ library, although the best way to get the episodes immediately is by subscribing to the podcast (links below). Also, if you visit the podcast website you get not just the transcription but a complete worksheet with questions and exercises. At the moment, the worksheets and transcriptions are free.


Nick / jungleboy

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Great contribution!

Thank you very much!

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Today I posted a new episode:

Episode 4: Belgrade

Nick and Wendy talk about the Serbian capital, Belgrade, which they have visited several times. They discuss the history and location of the city and talk about how proud Serbian people are of their culture and their capital.

Happy listening!


There is a new episode in the library!

Episode 5: Communist and Underground Belgrade
Nick and Wendy talk about two walking tours they went on during their recent trip to Belgrade. One was a communist walking tour mostly about Tito and his era, while the other one took them underground to some of Belgrade’s hidden places.

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Website with full worksheet: Episode 5: Communist and Underground Belgrade - English in 10 Minutes


Very good, Nick and Wendy!
I’ve listened only the first dialogue but I can recommend such interesting dialogues for all learners with the intermediate level.
I also remember, Wendy, several our conversations in Russian and I hope that you didn’t forget your Russian, did you?
By the way, it’s a little mistake by transcription in the first diaologue: instead ‘I lived there’ there ist ‘I loved there’.
But it’s only a triffle, and can do such slips of the pen in my lessons as well.
However, I like this course and I wish you new interesting dialogues and good luck!

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Dear Evgueny, thank you for the kind feedback! And thank you for pointing out the mistake, I have corrected it now.

Next week’s episode will be about Russia so I hope you like it. It is a guest episode with my friend Lena who was born in Russia but moved to Canada when she was 10.

Thanks… I like it…!!!

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‘Episode 6: Different Worlds’ is now available!

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Website with full worksheet: Episode 6: Different Worlds - English in 10 Minutes

Nick’s friend Lena was born in the Soviet Union, moved to Canada at age 10, and now lives in Russia. In this episode she talks about her childhood and her experiences in both places.

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Thanks to you too!

Hi Evgueny! This is Wendy. :slight_smile:
I greatly enjoyed our conversations in Russian. I’m afraid I have forgotten quite a bit of the language, as I have had other priorities lately. It looks like we might be visiting Russia next year, though, so I will have plenty of opportunities to practice again. Maybe Nick and I can even meet you in St. Petersburg!

Oh, it would be great!
Kind regards to you both!

There is a new episode in the library!

Episode 7: Gorillas in the Congo
Nick and Wendy were lucky enough to see wild mountain gorillas in the Congo several years ago. In this episode they talk about this incredible experience and the impact it had on them.

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Website with full worksheet: Episode 7: Gorillas in the Congo - English in 10 Minutes
Facebook Discussion Group: English in 10 Minutes Listeners | Facebook

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Today I added a new episode: Episode 8: Autumn in Switzerland.

Nick and Wendy talk about autumn in Switzerland, including why it’s different from where they grew up, the places you can go in Switzerland to make the most of autumn, and the food that’s in season at this time of year.

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Website with full worksheet: Episode 8: Autumn in Switzerland - English in 10 Minutes
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Today I added a special two-part episode on the Olympic Games. It is a conversation between me and a colleague who has worked as a journalist at every summer Olympic Games since 1980.

LingQ Library (course): Login - LingQ
Website (with full worksheet): Episode 9: The Olympic Games - English in 10 Minutes

I’ve added a new episode to the library.

Episode 10: Stockholm
Nick and Wendy talk about their recent weekend trip to the Swedish capital Stockholm. They discuss their impressions of Stockholm, the boat trip that they took around the city and the old city itself.

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Website: Episode 10: Stockholm - English in 10 Minutes
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There are now 15 episodes in the course, with one more added every week!

In the latest episode, I speak with a good friend of mine about living in Greece: Login - LingQ

There are now 32 episodes of English in 10 Minutes available on LingQ and on any podcast app. Every episode comes with a free worksheet that contains a full transcription of the conversation with the best vocabulary highlighted, as well as exercises and discussion questions.

Including the double episodes and the introduction episode, there is now about six hours of audio in total.

Our brand new episode is about the fascinating Sanità neighbourhood of Naples, Italy, and the Sacred Mile route that you can walk there that takes you underground to catacombs and cemeteries.

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Web: Episode 32: The Sacred Mile | English in 10 Minutes | Improve Your English

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