English group conversations

I don’t know if there are a lot of people who want to use the system for their speaking - it should be since it is really helpful to improve in the language - but I can’t say that there are a lot of conversation groups set up. Would it be possible to create some?
I have no specific time, days, or tutors. I will not be able to participate each week, but it’s been a while since each time I want to join a discussion, I can’t find one. I hope you’ll continue yours Edward. I appreciated it last time I participated :slight_smile:

Helen, I would like to thanks you for continuing creating groups of different topics, at different time, every days. Even though, I don’t participate in all of them, I appreciate your efforts even though the discussions are not always full :slight_smile: Thanks.

Would it be possible to create English groups discussions?
I would love to participate sometimes to discussions set up somewhere between 3 and 6pm - Paris time- on weekdays except Wednesday. Saturday, 8pm or Sunday 2, or 3pm?? Thanks.

I will start to schedule discussions at 6 am PST on Sundays (3pm in Paris) starting October 20

The format of the discussion will be that of the “International English Party”. This format is quite different from the normal format. The differences will be:

  1. During the conversation, I am going to abandon the traditional tutor role of conversation manager. The students and I are going to be EQUALLY responsible for suggesting the topics, asking questions, dealing with silences, asserting themselves etc.

In other words it will be like a real conversation in which you will need non-verbal communication skills as well as language skills. If you are introverted I am not going to stop more confident speakers and prompt you with extra questions. If you are burning to say something you will assert yourself independently.

This means I will not prepare questions around a particular topic.

  1. Abandoning this conversation manager role allows me to give a lot more feedback in the Skype chatbox than I would normally. I will do corrections as well as suggestions and praise.

  2. Also I will be recording. This recording, along with the chat box info, will be a tool for those who want to fix the recurring errors in their speech (final “s”, prepositions etc). Since the recording will be too large to send via email, I will post it somewhere like Mediafire and share it with each member. If there are returning students, we can decide as a group to edit it to 10 minutes or less, transcribe it, and post it as a podcast.

  3. I will require at least 3 students. If there are 2 or fewer by 12 hours before the scheduled time I will cancel for that week.

October 20 → October 18

Thanks for your reply, Edward.
You have a wonderful idea. This sounds great!! I’m very looking forward to talking with you on Sundays! :smiley:

I’m a recent user and my purpose is really improving my speaking english.
So I’ll be there on Sundays to talk with you. Thank you Dooo for this opportunity you give us with this group discussion…

I have set one up for Thursdays at 5pm Paris time.

I used to keep that slot free to talk to Rasana in Russian but she’s been having connection problems lately which has freed that time up.

I have a meet at 3:30 Hong Kong time (GMT +8) on Mondays. Looking for more people to join us.
I realize that it is a difficult for Americans!

look for us on skype: user name cityu4you

Hi Doo,
I will join your discussion in October.
I’m not sure that my English level is enough for advanced level speakers.
I will try.
Thank you for your advise!

Great, there is two more rooms so it will be a full discussion, wonderful :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to speak with you Ely and Lilily…

At three pm french time, I think I could possibly attend this conversation but not on a regular basis. In any case I’ll try to do my best to be present as often as possible. If this proposition suits you, I’m your man.

Wonderful!! :smiley:

Hey ! I wanna start english conversations with you too ! but I have no points ! are they needed for that or no??

I’m from Egypt ( GM +2 ) …& I hope my english will be enough for joining conversation …

by the way , my skype name is : tetoking2010

Hi Mostafa, if you want to participate in discussions, you need to buy points. Go to your account page in order to buy some. Participating in discussions is a great way to practice what we have learnt. I’m sure you’ll like them.
In the Account page, you can also upgrade your membership level if you want. In order to submit writing for corrections, you also need points :slight_smile:

i’m sorry but i can’t participate to the discussion of this afternoon cause i have a problem with my own comptuter…But Have a great time together!

i am learning English. So i want speaking very much and want to meet manu people for practising

hi is anyone help me learn english???

Hello! I am Andrey. I find friend for me! Who want to be my friend? Please.

i want to join this kind of possible conversations. i have no enough experience about speaking with native speakers on the web. pls inform me and help me out… thank you