English Grammar notes for


In 99.9% of cases, the 3rd person singular (he / she / it) adds an ‘s’ to the verb ending as in “She needs help.” “The telephone rings.” (The exception is the very rare subjunctive and I won’t go there…)

All the other regular verb forms look like the infinitive: to need; to ring.

I need, they ring, we come etc.

Even the irregular verb “to be” has an ‘s’ in the 3rd person singular: he is, she is, it is.

What’s up? = what is up?
It means “What is the matter?”

“Could” belongs to the irregular verb form “can” (to be able). It is in the Conditional.

“Come over” is a phrasal verb. It is used like the verb “to come”. It generally refers to going to someone’s house.