English for Spanish

Hi guys!
I’m looking for somebody who would like to be my Spanish tutor. In exchange I could be your English tutor for the same amount of time.
If you’re interested in my offer please let me know in the comments

Hi, I´m Spanish. If you want i can be your tutor.
Just write me something in Spanish and I`ll write you back and will tell your mistakes. And maybe you can do the same for me.

See you!!

Hola! seria posible para hablar por skype o alguna otra manera? perdoname la falta de signos espanoles pero mi teclado no tiene signos espanoles :wink:

ok, but in whatsapp or facebook, Can we practice?, in this website is very bored, I waiting for your answer, mi user in facebook is Jhovan Mendoza Estrada, I wear a suit blue dark.

No, lo siento. Hasta septiembre estoy en un lugar sin buena conexión a internet, por lo que es difícil la conexión a Skype.

No, so sorry. My Whatsapp & Facebook profiles are persnnal, just for family and friends.