English dialogues, recommendations

I am seeking recommendations, from lingq users, for natural, English dialogues.

I am seeking material that truly helped you to improve in English.

The content does not, necessarily, have to be on lingq. The main requirements, that I am seeking, are:

-natural (not pre-scripted)
-dialogues (not monologues, single person)
-decent length (3 min+)
-ideally, regular people chatting about interesting topics
-both full transcript and audio available.

Good advice, appreciated.

for example: The Best Factual Podcasts – Cool Tools

Hi Iaing!

From the flag symbol next to your ID I gather you are a native English, albeit Australian speaker, so I am surprised by your request -))).

Think of talk shows/chat shows like Alan Partridge, Jonathan Ross and many others.
They should have plenty of youtube videos with the option to open connotations, and therefore would qualify for all of your requirements.

Classic Movie Reviews - Episode 32 - The Third Man - ‎Connecting to Apple Podcasts #iTunes

I wonder you ask for the recommendations about the English dialogues - and then you yourself give so many sites with such dialogues!..
Are they still not enough for you?
Maybe do you have 48 hours in a day?..
The most peoople have another problem: for example, I can find a huge number of different sourses in Internet in every language, but I don’t have enough time to use even 10% of them.