English course for advanced students

Hello, guys.

I’m looking for English courses available for advanced students. I have completed some courses from AJ Hoge, such as Original Effortless English, Power English and Learn Real English. I would like to get a course that has the same pattern of those mentioned before, which is based on listening, storytelling and question and answer exercises. Thank you in advance!

I think ESL pod or English pod are close to AJ Hoge’s course.

If you’re intermediate to advanced, I’d recommend moving away from courses and just concentrating on reading and listening to books. You’ll progress a lot faster and you’ll never have to worry about looking for the right material.


Do you have any suggestions of books to read/listen?

Getting from C1 to C2 and beyond happens only in one way - exposure and usage. And there is no fast way (or any shortcuts - there may be some ways to help with an exam but if we are talking about pure language knowledge, it just takes time and work). Read (as widely as possible - novels, non-fiction, stories, essays, anything you can find).