English Conversation

Hi There
I hope I find a native English speaker … I need to practice English … please help me

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my english is weak
i,m not native
one sugestion from native Say:
go to youtube for How to learn English

for example:
How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale

other site:

TED - Technology Education and Design - there are thousands of videos available for free. Besides subtitles, there is an ‘interactive transcript’ of each talk so that you can read along while you listen.

Newsela presents world news articles at your level of language proficiency. If you sign up for a paid subscription, they have tools you can use to track your progress, check your comprehension, and practice writing.

The staff of Vimeo chooses their favorite uploads from a variety of genres such as Animation, Time Lapse, and Music Videos. The videos are usually shorter than typical TV programs and movies.

Lyrics Training gives you tools to improve your listening comprehension of popular music around the world and to practice your pronunciation.

you should learn the core of language or core of word in English.

Good luck

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I want be a good speaker and amazing writer. I want everyone impressed with me. But, when I’m writing …. blank, lost ideas. When I’m writing a story, I want it turn out as a nice story that makes anyone who reads my story impressed. I don’t want to make a clichéd one . But, as noted, I’m lacking ideas. My teacher tells me that you need to read, to enrich your idea, vocab, grammar and so on.

Just post a topic, and everyone will discuss on it in English.