English conversation today

If anyone is looking for an English conversation today, I’ve got one starting in one hour. There are still three spots left, so feel free to join in if you like.

HIi peter
I’m not very well English speaker ,but I’m want to speak English very well .
Can you have a conversation with me
my skype : phamthehoang1991

Hi…peter & phamthehoang


You have conversation me plz Email me Hare " patelrohan1993@gmail.com"

I hope you have send me Email…

I m awating For Your Answer…

well if you want to help in practicing my basic English you can find me in skype improve27

hi peter i am looking forward for 1 on 1 conversation

hi peter i am looking forward for 1 on 1 conversation

If you want to sign up for conversation classes, you should go to the “Speak” page. You can find available tutors there. I imagine that Peter accepts only writing correction now.

I haven’t been offering conversations lately, but I will again soon. I just need to be a bit more organised :slight_smile:

Hi every one>>
How can you improve your English?

hi peter i want to talk with you today if you have free time.

hi peter i want to talk with u but at 6:00 PM
in Afghanistan
my skype id is (walim_rahmani)

Best Regards

Hi Sraj and Wali.

I’m offering more conversations this week and next. If you would like to book one, please go to the ‘Speak’ page of LingQ (under ‘Lessons’).

Depending on your level, you might be better off spending your time working through lessons on LingQ.


Hy there,do you have time to get a conversation in English?


hi everyone. I do want to enhance my english communication skills. It would be my pleasure to exchange conversation with someone to sharpen my english language. Thank you. You could reach me through my skype username: rhymun_m

hi peter,it my skype name ayel101,please search me,i want speak with you and improve my english

hello everybody, I’d like to improve my English. Can you please help me?
my Skype name is noor.medhat91

hi i would like to help you too and help my self!!! my skype id phajosh

Hi i am a Native English speaker if you are looking for someone to talk to today. just ask. include your skype name

                                 Hi Danny,

I am come France . How are you ? My Skype name is : claude.agisson. What is your Skype name to call you ? Have a good time !

yes my skype name is: danny_taylor1