English conversation in Skype ^^

Hello everybody!
My name is Anastasia.
Next winter I’m moving to Canada and I really, REALLY need to improve my speaking skills.
My English level is quite high, it’s upper-intermediate I think. I’m good at writing, reading and listening, but when it comes to speaking… Well… It’s far from the level I want…
I’d be very grateful if somebody could help me!
Especially people who learn/speak Korean since I’m learning Korean at the moment. Why don’t we kill two birds with a stone? :slight_smile:

But you all are welcome!

Hi, my spoken English is intermediate and I will be happy to practice the language with you.


Hi! I’ve been listening and reading a lot for about 2 years now. My skills in those areas are great (advanced), but when it comes to speaking or writing in English… my level is only intermediate. I’m not interested in learn/speak Korean for now (though I’m planning to study Chinese in a future).

Hi Anastasia,
If you want a breakthrough your English, my ID is: marius.scevola

Hello Anastasia. I’d like to help you! I need to improve my speaking skills too, so please if you’re interested, add me!

hi how are you