English-Chinese exchange partner on Skype

Greetings. My name is Alvis and I am a native Mandarin (Chinese) speaker from Taiwan (also known as Formosa). I am looking for an American who’s interested in learning the Chinese language to do language exchange via Skype. My English is fairly good but not as fluent as I want it to be. Having said that, I am a serious learner who has bought and used several dictionaries such as Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Random House Webster Unabridged Dictionary, Merriam Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary, Merriam Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, just to name a few… Having said that, your help will definitely make a huge difference to my English and I’ve always thought that speaking skills is the only skill that you can’t master by self-learning, however hard your try (because it’s output rather input).

In short, you might as well call me a language freak! My passion for my mother tongue (i.e. Mandarin) is equally strong, if not stronger; I read Chinese Classic literature on a regular basis.
My Skype ID is “alvisspeaking”. Drop me a line if you’re interested :stuck_out_tongue: I look eagerly forward to hearing from you. Peace out!