English accents from all over the world

Hello everyone!

In between LingQ sessions and saw this today, thought I would share. This website has recordings of people speaking English from all over the world. Let’s you listen to hundreds of accents. Kind of random but thought it might be entertaining for some:




That looks fun! I wonder if they are looking for volunteers to record samples for them? The UK has loads more distinctive accents than are shown here.

There are actually a few different New Zealand ones as well, but they only have the one. That was very interesting though, thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s another good one, The International Dialects of English Archive:

To Helen:
IDEA is always happy to have volunteers send them their samples. Check with them and if you think your region is underrepresented, or that you can submit a better sample, go ahead and do it. Paul Meier, the person who started it, will be only too happy to have another sample.

We will be introducing a “Region” filter in our Libraries within a few weeks (we hope). At that time we can identify the accents of the speakers in the different languages at LingQ. I do not know how specific we want to get though ( Northeast Yorkshire Moors variant three and the like)