Endless loop for "Generating your Lesson Feed" with web interface (only for Language Slovak)

I have a problem with the web interface, and the lesson feed.

This works fine for Spanish:
Anmelden - LingQ

But for Slovak:
Login - LingQ
It runs in an endless loop, stating:
“Generating your Lesson Feed”
On my computer at home it does not matter if I open it with Chrome or IE. I cleared several times deeply the cache. But problem persist since several month. Android-App is still fine, no problem. If I switch to “Classic” it is still fine. At my computer at work the problem does not occur.
I’m a bit lost how to fix this or where the problem could be.

Any help for me? Suggestions?

Can you check your settings and let us know which categories of interest you have selected? You may need to broaden this list. There is not that much Slovakian content so that could be the issue.

It seems to be that I selected “all”, due to the fact that there is not that much Slovakian content. So, when I open this:
Anmelden - LingQ
It still seems to be in an endless loop.
But I open now this link:
Anmelden - LingQ
And it opens my lessons page.
So, that is a good workaround for me.
Thanks anyway for looking into this Mark.

Yes, there simply aren’t that many Slovakian lessons. You can go to the News Feed tab in the Library to see a bunch of articles you can import. Or, find your own sources of content on the web or YouTube or ebooks to import from.