Encontrar libros en español con español latinoamericano

Estoy intentando encontrar libros y audiolibros en español latinoamericano pero todo parece estar traducido primero para España.

¿Alguna buena pista de búsqueda o forma de encontrar traducciones alternativas?


Amazon tiene muchas novelas de Mexicana.

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Puedes intentar buscar por los nombres de las editoriales.

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Agree with the others. You can look for latin american authors that have audiobooks, rather than translated one. Sometimes it takes some work to get the audio and the proper text into LingQ due to DRM etc, but it can be done. The new audio transcription has made this a better experience, as well.

I speak a kind of generic Latin American version of Spanish, so I also prefer content in those varieties, but I’ll read/listen to European Castilian Spanish when that is all that is available for a particular book. They are not so different that input in one is detrimental to your ability to understand the other in my humble opinion, as long as you are not only getting European.